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Calcutta Classical Guitar Society

For the development & promotion of classical guitar in Kolkata.

Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival 2018

14-16th December 2018

ICCR, Kolkata

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Spanish Guitar Competition

by the Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi & Embassy of Spain in India

Date: 13 December 2018
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Calcutta Classical Guitar Society

The Calcutta Classical Guitar Society was formed in 2009 with a vision to become a leading promoter and supporter of music, in particular classical guitar music.

Over the years, CCGS’s activities have covered a vast spectrum of music and musician related events aimed at bringing international maestros to India, providing a non-partisan performance platform for established as well as upcoming Indian musicians and creating opportunities for learning and showcasing of talent by students.

Live In Series

Siddha Live in Series is a musical movement that aims to unite people by creating a greater awareness and love for music. Through this movement, the Calcutta Classical Guitar Society tries to bring live music to people at all levels of society through series of concerts in diverse environments.

With every proscenium concert, we have tried to bring in the stalwarts of each musical genre and present their concert in a different, creative way. Through all our non proscenium concerts which take place all over the city in varied venues, we try to give upcoming talented artists an opportunity, a platform to spread their music.

The Siddha Group has been the primary motivator, supporter of the movement.

Indian Guitar Federation

The Calcutta Classical Guitar Society is closely linked with the Indian Guitar Federation (IGF), a non-profit organisation for the development and promotion of guitar in India. The IGF is a federation of local and regional-level guitar societies across the country including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Goa, Nagaland, Manipur, Pune, Shillong and Darjeeling.